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AV Services

Audiovisual Services

Integrating a facility properly into your building requires the right knowledge and expertise.
Good project management is decisive for the aesthetic result and the eventual user-friendliness.
Depending on the facility to be implemented, the following services are applied.


Our audits help to identify and define management and user requirements, taking into account the organisation, the building and the space.

In order to gain optimum insight into the need for audiovisual facilities, we use a questionnaire which, in addition to room and building aspects, also addresses organisational aspects.
Concept Direct carries out audits in a practical way, without making it unnecessarily complicated. If no (management) information is available, we will make the translation in the plan. This means that in the plan we describe the possibilities for the organisation, with the advantages for the organisation, the user and the manager.


The development of the technical solution.

Project management

Coordination of project and execution
We see good communication and control of the entire process as one of the most important principles contributing to a successful process. We therefore record important information in a project form. In this way, we ensure that all the worry is taken out of your hands and that the project can be delivered quickly.

Assembly & Programming

Expert installation and removal by experienced AV technicians

Maintenance & Service Level Agreement

Digital and mechanical maintenance AV Equipment
Also after the purchase you are happy to be provided with a qualitative service. Thanks to our expertise and regional support, we can provide you with the right help and support after your purchase. This support is divided into preventive and corrective maintenance.

Services Concept Direct for revitalisation / new build meeting environments

In addition to the above services:

Pre-Project meetings

Group consultation with client and (project) partners on technical and architectural aspects.

Technical preliminary investigation

Assessing architectural aspects (mainly in revitalization)

Planning & Advice

Elaboration of the concept with accompanying advice (incl. presentation/document)


Expected investment and maintenance costs project / per object


Drawing up and supplying a planning schedule

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