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Event in style


For all your business events and the perfect arrangement of image, sound, lighting and recording facilities you can use our event rental service. Renting individual equipment to a guided event with direction is among the possibilities.

Compact (adhoc) issues

For basic solutions we facilitate you with a range of basic products. You can hire these for a shorter or longer period.

Organized events

Do you want to be sure that you are using the right equipment? Then we can provide you with the right facilities through good advice. We ensure that all equipment is delivered and set up on time. You can also choose to operate the equipment yourself during the event or make use of one of our technicians.

In preparation for the production of larger events, a site visit is made to discuss the possibilities and provide you with technical advice. During the first visit of special spaces the entire space will be measured, so that after the visit a 3D-drawing can be made. In this way, you can be sure in advance that the light and sound equipment for your event will be correctly fitted.


Hiring of loose equipment

From presentation, speech amplification, lighting, rigging, stages to other room decoration.

Video Recording & Streaming

Video registration is also one of our services, for a complete overview of the possibilities we are happy to inform you through a non-committal conversation.


With our service mentality we are able to organise a good and representative event, both planned and ad hoc. For example, technicians in costume can be requested to accompany the event in a representative and professional manner.

"Service is a mentality. Speed and maximum cooperation is the basis of our services which contribute to a maximum customer satisfaction".