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Commu-nication channel in own style

Digital Signage. A communication channel for displaying content such as images, videos and other engaging information in a dynamic way.

Do you remember the last time you saw a dynamic display with flight information at the airport? This is a form of digital signage. Yet digital signage is so much more. It is all around you. You can't drive down the road, walk into a restaurant or shopping mall, go to the airport or go to school without seeing dynamic displays, digital menu boards, touch-screen kiosks or even interactive video walls that engage passersby with media and useful information.

Digital signage solutions are used by a wide variety of industries. From large retail brands, corporate enterprises, educational and municipal institutions to small shops, restaurants and the garage around the corner - everyone uses digital signage.

What makes digital signage so useful?

Whether you work in a large corporation or own a small or medium-sized business, digital signage helps share your story with the world around you. Dynamic displays offer a unique way to communicate your message more effectively and in real time. Combining storytelling with innovative technologies is an effective way to provide personalized experiences for your audience at a reasonable cost. It works every time - whether you're dealing with internal, public or product-related information.

Meethubb SLI & WM
The all-in-one facility for reception and meeting rooms

Implementing a representative Digital Sigage solution requires the necessary attention. With the Meethubb SLI & WM you will have a smart presentation facility in your space in no time.
This product seamlessly integrates all cables and peripherals, making your space look great.

The Meethubb SL WM. Two in one you can inform and also present from a connected laptop or other device.

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