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Video meeting with one click

Collaborate on an independent or dedicated platform

Discover video collaboration, work together without technical knowledge and make use of facilities that make it easy to use video conferencing in meeting rooms. Which platform you use or wish to use in your organisation determines which room system fits in. Concept Direct can support you in selecting the right platform by means of an audit.

Certified roomsystems of Concept Direct Video Excellence Package

For the deployment of roomsystems, we make use of various brands. These are advised based on the desired platform, functionality and aesthetic factors. You can also opt for our Video Excellence package, which allows you to use an HD/4K camera and wireless or wired table microphone(s) and make use of your own platform such as MS Teams, MS Skype, Cisco Webbex, Zoom, etc.

Maximum representativeness with the Meethubb

Don't want to confront users with cables and other peripheral equipment such as codes or PCs? Seven 230 volt plugs per AV installation are no exception. Where do you leave this peripheral equipment?

Choose your desired platform integrated in the Meethubb. There are both fixed and mobile models available for MS Teams/Skype, Cisco, Starleaf, Polycom, Lifesize and Zoom.


MS Teams room systems

Collaborative spaces ranging from small to large meeting rooms with collaborative team experiences that are easy to use, content easy to distribute and systems easy to manage.

Meetings on time with the join one-touch. Start and then immediately display project in the room and share options for external participants.

Ask for the possibilities.

Cisco Unified communications

Collaboration sites based on H.323 connection for small to large meeting rooms, using high quality Cisco equipment. Camera technology such as speakertrack and content sharing with webex teams, etc. For maximum collaborative team experience which are easy to use, distribute and manage. Concept Direct also provides Cisco cloud services, which makes on-premise network hardware obsolete. We can also support you with the implementation of on-premise network hardware.

Call for a presentation without obligation.

Unified Communication services

Concept Direct supports you maximally during the implementation process, but also offers services for maintenance (remote or local). We also offer extended product guarantees for specific video brands.